19 October, 2015 at the enterprise took place the training "Technicians and technologies of active sales on result".

The purpose of this training it's training of staff of Department of marketing to work with new clients, improvement of skills of work with the existing customers and optimezation of sales procces in general.

During this training were discussed the questions:

  • Cycle of sales;

  • Creation of active sales;

  • Major factors of efficiency of work of sales department;

  • Steps of work of the sales manager with the clients;

  • Plan of negotiations of the manager with clients;

  • Recommendations for incresing of efficiency of carrying out telephone negotiations;

  • Work with client objections, algorithm of processing of objections, etc.

The similar trainings and seminars for specialists of the firm "Sweda, Ltd" are held constantly, because the realities of business to require the continuous development of new knowledge and skills. We are sure the received knowledge will became for participants of training the incentive for further professional development.